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This is a list of essays and blog posts related to startups, venture capital, and tech. We've curated the list to include posts directly related to students.

Essays & Blog Posts

Fred Wilson
Both Sides of the Table
Mark Suster
Feld Thoughts
Brad Feld
Hunter Walk
Hunter Walk
Li Jin
Li Jin
Marc Andreessen
Marc Andreessen
Paul Graham
Paul Graham
Sam Altman
Sam Altman
How to Make Pittsburgh a Startup Hub
Paul Graham
Discusses what a city needs to become a startup hub.
Before the Startup
Paul Graham
What you need before actually starting a startup. And, why you probably shouldn't start a startup while in school.
How to Get Startup Ideas
Paul Graham
Discusses how to come up with good startup ideas.
Paul Graham
How should you spend college?
Want to Start a Startup?
Paul Graham
Starting a startup.
What You'll Wish You'd Known
Paul Graham
Ramen Profitable
Paul Graham
What We Look for in Founders
Paul Graham
What does YC look for in founders?
How To Be Successful
Sam Altman
Sam's advice for how to be successful.
Idea Generation
Sam Altman
How to generate startup ideas.
Hard Startups
Sam Altman
Why hard startups can be good.
Startup advice, briefly
Sam Altman
Non-technical founder? Learn to hack
Sam Altman
Startups, Role Models, Risks, and Y Combinator
Sam Altman
Climbing the wrong hill
Chris Dixon
Do what you actually want to do.
What Doesn't Seem Like Work?
Paul Graham
Find something you enjoy doing.
Do Things That Don't Scale
Paul Graham
Famous piece.
Career and Resume Advice: Student Edition
Ryan Choi (YC)
Ryan runs YC's Work at a Startup program.
Startup Advice for Potential Founders
Daniel Gross (YC)
Daniel and Craig Cannon talk for YC Office Hours.
A Letter to College Students
Michael Seibel
Advice for students.
YC's Essential Startup Advice
Michael Seibel | Geoff Ralston
How to Find a Co-Founder in College
Aaron Harris
Want to find a co-founder while in college? Read this.
The Ultimate Guide to Finding a Startup Job
Vinay Iyengar
Getting a job at a startup out of school.
Student Venture Capital Programs
Niraj Pant
Guide to student VC programs
College and Entrepreneurship
Fred Wilson
Drop out of school? Maybe not.
One Thing You Don't Need To Be An Entrepreneur: A College Degree
Fred Wilson
Drop out of school? Maybe.
A Student's Guide to Startups
Paul Graham
This is a goldmine.
10X Your Career: First Principles For Outsized Success
Pete Flint
Advice on what to focus on early in your career.