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The Takeoff is a student-run newsletter and podcast focused on teaching and inspiring the next generation of great startup and technology leaders. You can check out our Substack πŸ‘‡ (to join 1,000+ other students interested in startups, tech, and VC) and scroll down to learn more about what we do!


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Check out Michael's recent deep-dive into the SaaS Management space, featuring Intello, Blissfully, G2 Track, BetterCloud, and many more!

Let's Explore!

Below, you'll find some basic information on The Takeoff, what we do, our Team, and more. To dive deeper into any area, click on one of the pages πŸ‘‡

What is The Takeoff?

We are building the go-to spot for students and young professionals looking to learn more about startups, tech, venture capital, and more.

What This Means

The Takeoff is (currently) a newsletter & podcast focused on teaching and inspiring the next generation of great startup and technology leaders.

As undergrads at Washington University in St. Louis, The Takeoff's founders (Michael, Roshan, and Lukas) realized how hard it is for students to learn about startups, find and land strong internships & jobs at high-growth startups, and gain advice from experienced founders, operators, and investors about founding a company, joining a startup, etc.

Put simply: The Takeoff's founders realized how limited startup-related resources and advice is (especially for students) and started The Takeoff to address this problem.

What We Do

We do a few things, all with the goal of helping students and young professionals learn and become more comfortable exploring startup-related careers.



We interview leading startup founders, operators, and investors, allowing them to share their stories and offer advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, engineers, PMs, venture capitalists, and more.

We release these interview via our newsletter, podcast, or (sometimes) both.


Curated-content (What We've Been Following)

Every other week, we send a newsletter to subscribers highlighting some of the best content our Team consumed over the previous 14 days.

In these newsletters, we share: podcasts, articles, recent fundings, blogs, tweets, newsletters, and more.


Other Things We're Working On

We have recently started to explore additional things we can do with The Takeoff. What's in-store:

  1. Mini Deep-Dives. Deep dives into spaces highlighting market trends, key players, and more.
  2. Collaboration. We want to do more collaboration with other newsletters, podcasts, startups, venture firms, etc. If you want to collab on something, shoot us a DM on Twitter.
  3. Blow This Thing Up πŸš€πŸ”₯πŸ“ˆ. So far, we've been pretty much entirely focused on three things: (1) learning what content to create, (2) learning how to create the best content possible, and (3) just learning a TON in other areas, too. We feel that we now have a pretty good understanding of what content we should be creating (to some extent) and how to actually create high-quality content that our subscribers and others in our target audience would find helpful. So, we want to step on the gas peddle and start getting The Takeoff in front of as many people as possible. We want every startup-interested college students in America to know about and subscribe to The Takeoff.
  4. πŸ’―
    SEO 😁


How it works: Every Monday, we release an interview with a leading startup figure (founder, operator, or investor). These interviews are released via our Substack and, for podcasts, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Anchor, and Google Podcasts. Every other Friday / Saturday, we release a What We've Been Following newsletter (also via our Substack), highlighting some of our Team's favorite content from the past few weeks. Once in a while, we miss a release (because we're students!), and we occasionally add in a newsletter on off-days. No bullshit. No spam. Just quality content. * SIGN ME UP *

Who is The Takeoff for?

While our primary target audience are students and recent grads, The Takeoff can be helpful for all! In fact, some of our most avid early followers are experienced engineers, investors, and marketing professionals. We believe that The Takeoff is most relevant for:

  • Students. If you're looking to learn more about startups, technology, and venture capital and gain advice from people who've started and grown successful companies before, The Takeoff is for you.

From our founder, Michael: β€œGoing to a school that focuses pretty heavily on consulting and investment banking right out of college (WashU Olin), I felt lost at sea trying to learn more about the startup world and find good startups to get involved with. Students interested in consulting and banking have a ton of resources available them and, honestly, thrown at them. I found myself doing a lot of work to learn more about a space I was interested in and started The Takeoff to help others facing similar situations.”

  • Young Professionals. If you're a young professional who wants to learn more about the startup world, figure out how to turn your idea into a business, and be a part of the next world-changing, billion-dollar company, you're in the right place.
  • Founders. If you're a founder, first of all, props to you. We love you and wish you the best of luck and success! Second, if you want to learn from other founders about their experiences building their companies, raising capital, etc., The Takeoff is for you, too.
  • Investors. If you're an investor and want to learn more about some of the incredible companies, founders, and operators we interview, you're in the right place! You're also in the right place if you want to get involved with (and fund?) the next student-founded, student-run rocket ship πŸš€.
  • Learners, Content Lovers, Curious Minds, and More. If you like to learn and consume great(?) content, The Takeoff is for you!

We have a target audience. But, in order to have the most meaningful impact possible on as many people as possible, we try to make our content pretty well-rounded and easily-digestible.

Meet the Founders

The Takeoff was founded by three undergrads at Washington University in St. Louis.

Michael is a senior studying finance and entrepreneurship. He started the now leading entrepreneurship organization on campus (the Washington University Entrepreneur Society) and has experience working at JMI Equity, Equal Ventures, Ground Up Ventures, and Intello. He's from New York.

Roshan is a junior studying computer science. He is the current president of the Washington University Entrepreneur Society and has experience working at Octahedron Capital, Rubrik, and Sumo Logic. He's from the Bay Area.

Lukas is a senior studying entrepreneurship and PNP (Psychology, Neuroscience, and Philosophy). He previously founded USocial (an event marketing company) and has experience working at BlueSprig, Impac Mortgage Corp., and Ingalls & Snyder.


Get Involved

Want to get involved? If you're a current college student and want to get involved with The Takeoff as a Contributor, shoot us a note on Twitter or email us (

Contributors can interview alumni from their school / people in their network, help put together What We've Been Following newsletters, work on cool projects / posts, and more! Learn more about being a Contributor β€”>

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